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How does this law of attraction manifesting stuff work?

How does this law of attraction manifesting stuff work?

Science has revealed to us that everything in the world is made of energy.

That includes not just desks and chairs, but also you and me and our thoughts. ("Thoughts are things,” to quote Mike Dooley.)

It's also commonly understood that energy vibrates at different frequencies. This is also true of you and me and our thoughts.

Which means we are each literally made of energy, our thoughts are energetic creations, and that energy has a particular frequency to it.

Law of attraction says these various frequencies tend to sync up with each other. So because like attracts like, we attract (some prefer the word “create”) as we vibrate. What we vibrate dictates what we attract (or create) in life.

Which we've all experienced on one level or another, right?

When we're in a bad mood things tend to go awry; when we're feeling great the good news seems to keep on coming!

When we expect something to go wrong, we're usually proven right. When we expect something to go well, those expectations pave the way for the reality that unfolds.

So how we feel, what we believe, and what we think turn out to be incredibly important regarding what happens next in our lives. Life follows our thoughts!

Abraham tells us that our feelings are our guidance system letting us know whether our thoughts are taking us where we want to go or not.

Mike Dooley says feelings supercharge our thoughts, so whatever we're thinking about comes about faster when it's accompanied with emotion.

Gregg Braden makes a distinction between feelings and emotion, saying that the thoughts combine with emotions to give us feelings, and it's that power of feeling that alters the reality around us.

All I know is that if I'm not feeling great, it's almost always due to a thought I'm entertaining. By shifting the thought I feel better, and that process leads me straight to the results and the dream life I want.

Becoming aware of what you think and feel, and learning to manage that, is the essence of deliberate creation.

By purposely learning to shift your vibration to align to what you want, you exercise your power as a creator to live the life of your dreams – whatever that is for you!