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How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Where to start with deliberate creation?  LOA 101:

We've made it easy for you and boiled the principles of manifesting down to three essential steps:

  1. Raise the vibe
  2. Focus on what you want
  3. Follow any inspiration

As you'll see, it's a forgiving process, where the steps can overlap each or occur in reverse order even, and you'll still get what you want.

Here's each step in more detail.

1.  Raise the Vibe

This one simply means find ways to feel better; do more of what you enjoy; make it a higher priority to feel good.

It can be as simple as taking a walk through the park, indulging in your favorite show, adding a new tune to your playlist, ignoring the call from whoever you don't want to talk to, ordering the burrito smothered enchilada style, pausing to see the moon when you take the garbage out, scratching your cat's chin.

It doesn't have to be big, time consuming, expensive or even extraordinary in order to raise your vibration.  Whatever you enjoy will work.  Set yourself up for easy, and find simple but effective ways to improve the quality of your day by engaging more of what you like. 

It really matters.  Next …

2.  Focus on What You Want

This doesn't have to mean a 30 minute meditation twice a day in lotus position while staring at your vision board. 

Rather, this step simply invites you to get your attention off what you don't want, off of what you fear might happen, off of what you fear won't happen, off of what happened last time (if last time wasn't good), etc. etc. and instead get your attention on what you WANT.  Period.

What does your manifested desire look like?  What does it sound like?  What does it feel like? 

That's all it takes.

Don't make it any harder than that.  Up next …

3.  Follow Your Inspiration

The last step often isn't even required before you start seeing results, but it's worth noticing and honoring if you feel any urges to act.

Sometimes this shows up as little inklings or inner whispers, that could be as a innocent as “turn here” or “change the station now” or “check out that video.” 

Sometimes inspiration shows up as a big brilliant idea – a flash of insight, a fabulous new idea, a tremendous solution to the problem that's been vexing, … and sometimes it's just a quiet tap on the shoulder that says “rocky road for dessert.” 

The important part about taking inspired action is that you do it.  You have to honor it!  Don't ignore or dismiss or deny it.  Listen for it, and when you hear it; honor it.  That's not too much to ask, right? 

The only rule about taking action is that you can only take action that feels good to you. 

If it feels like effort or supposed to or a should, it won't help.  Actually, it'll be a waste of time and only add to frustration.  So skip it if it doesn't light you up.

And that's it.

That's the essence of deliberate creation.  You can do that, right?

Here are two examples of what this process has looked like for me (Jeannette) in real life:

One day I had had enough of everything going wrong, and I gave up.  I went to bed in despair and defeat.

For four days.

That was the Raise the Vibe step.  Giving up felt better than trying to make things work.  I refused to show up at my job; I didn't scoop litter boxes; I didn't even get out of pajamas.  I was done.

And that was a relief, believe it or not.

Not everyone would experience giving up as a positive thing – which is why it's important for us to remember that this is personal, individualized work.  No one else can tell us what will make us feel better.  They might have suggestions or opinions, but only WE know what will offer us relief.

Any time we give ourselves that relief, we feel better.  We just moved up the vibrational scale.  (Which is where all our good stuff is waiting for us.)

While in bed for four days, I read a book that suggested the practice of scripting.  Scripting is where you talk about what you want as if it's already happened.

I spoke out loud about how great it was that our most challenging foster dog got adopted. I spent maybe two minutes talking about how great it was that the husband and wife with the two kids and the other dog for him to play with adopted him.  And how great it was that they lived nearby so we could visit whenever we wanted, and how they had plenty of money to take care of whatever his medical needs might be.

That was me getting my attention on what I wanted.  It was brief.

And effective.

At the time, I didn't recognize the inspired action of flipping through a book of dog breeds, looking for a picture of the breed that the doggy day care employee thought our foster dog looked like.  Sure enough, the picture looked just like our foster dog.  Had never heard of the breed, but I pointed it out to my boyfriend.  “Doesn't that look like our dog?”

This confluence of factors – my increased vibe from giving myself a break, a two minute scripting episode where I briefly aligned to what I wanted, and the inspired action of flipping through the dog breed book and pointing out a picture to the boyfriend (who mentioned it to the adoption staff who mentioned it in the promo ad) – contributed to the miracle results 48 hours later where our most difficult dog was placed in his perfect new home.  The next day another foster dog was adopted.  Two days later two more dogs were re-homed with another rescue group.

That was easy.  Once I let go of struggle and strife and attention on what was wrong in life.

A little alignment and a little focus goes a LONG way with Universe!

Another example from real life:

We'd just been told in a staff meeting that we were all out of jobs if we didn't improve our sales in the next two weeks.

I felt like I'd just been fired, because in months of cold calling and attempting to schedule meetings with prospects, we hadn't been remotely successful.  We weren't even close to bringing in the numbers they wanted.

So I practiced the three steps like this:

First, I gave up the cold call script (which I hated) and wrote out a page of what I wanted as if it had already happened.  (Also known as pray rain journaling.)  I wrote about how lovely it was that prospects found me; how excited they were to hear about my product and how perfect it was for them; and how they couldn't wait for me to implement it. (That was complete fantasy based on what we'd been experiencing in real life over the last several months!)

That little exercise satisfied steps one and two.  It felt great to experience miraculous success, even if it was just in my imagination, in four sentences.  And it got my attention on what I wanted - instead of the sucky reality I'd been living.

Next, I did what felt good: I went to lunch.  A long lunch.  At my favorite restaurant.  It was delicious!  I lingered over it at an outside table on a gorgeous spring day, feeding leftover pita bread to the sparrows while I kicked my feet up.  It was lovely!

90 minutes later, after I was done with lunch, I asked myself again “What feels good next?” The answer surprised me: “Go back to the office.”  But I knew not to question inspiration.  So back to the office I went.

In the elevator on the way up, I met a man who, as it turned out, needed exactly what I was selling.  After a twenty minute chat in his office, the sale was mine.

In four months it had never been anywhere near that effortless or enjoyable!

But there it was: Simple.  Easy.

Bottom line is deliberate creation rocks!

Remember the three steps:

Find a way to feel better; get your attention on what you want; do what feels good next.

Welcome to a whole new way of life.