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home | Success Stories | Success Story: Manifesting Big Money

Success Story: Manifesting Big Money

How do you manifest half a million dollars out of the clear blue?  We've got a GVU member who did just that.  Here's his story in my words:

Although J.B. is fairly new to this LOA stuff (as in a couple of months), he's keeping an open mind and is willing to play and experiment with it.

He's learning about the power of his thoughts to create his reality, and recognizing his emotional guidance system as an indicator of whether those thoughts are pointing him where he wants to go – or not.

One day he gets a letter from the IRS.

“I won the lottery,” he tells me. 

He's being sarcastic – he means the IRS audit lottery.

He's not looking forward to it, as most wouldn't.  He starts entertaining worries about what might be wrong.

A completely natural response.

The next day he goes to the casino with some friends.

He's got two things in mind: 1) he's going to play with LOA at the casino to be a big winner, and 2) he's prepared to lose a couple thousand dollars.

(Be Universe on the other side of THOSE instructions!  Ha) 

So J.B. is at the casino and doing all the things he thinks he should be doing, envisioning the cards he needs for a winning hand; soliciting Universe to make him a big winner; willing his chip pile to grow. 

But instead he's doing a pretty good job of losing the money he brought.

In a moment of frustration, he says, “Come on LOA, give me SOMETHING!”

He immediately won the next hand with the best cards you could possibly pull. 

He took that as a sign!

But then continued to lose the rest of the money quickly thereafter.

Monday rolls around and he's going to his financial advisor's office to give him the IRS audit letter.

It's a two hour drive to the city, so he's got plenty of time to think on the way.

And he's thinking, all right.

He's worrying, he's stressing, he's anxining (I just made that word up) about what might happen as a result of this IRS audit.

And then he realizes what he's doing.

This is what he DOESN'T want.

He decides then and there that he's not going to let this ruin his day.  It's no big deal, it'll work itself out, he's not going to stress about it any more.

He turns the paperwork over to his advisor.

In the course of the conversation, the advisor suggests that maybe this audit has something to do with that account transfer a while back …

“What account transfer?” J.B. asks.

“That four hundred thousand that was moved into your name a few years back.”

J.B. now knows that his advisor is incompetent.

He's made a few mistakes before, but this one is ridiculous.

There was no such transfer; there is no such account. He would know about it if there was.

And he tells him so.

The advisor insists there was something that they should look into.

J.B. tells him to call his former company (where he retired from) to confirm that there was absolutely no such account transfer.

J.B. is a little irritated with an advisor that can be this mistaken.  It's not a good sign, you know.

A few days pass while the advisor does his homework.  He phones J.B. three days later.

Not only was there exactly such a transfer to his name (from his former employer as some sort of non qualified retirement account), but it was also a non-taxable transfer (yay! – no taxes due!) and the account is now worth approximately $506,000.

Ta da.

Big winner!  (Of the “good” kind of lottery.)  Out of nowhere.  Half a million.


There are so many things I love about this story I hardly know where to start.

What stands out for me is that while J.B. might have been willing to say “it didn't work” when he was attempting to manifest big money from the Universe at the casino, to throw in the towel at that point is ridiculous. 

It's never done; it's never over; it's never lost.

When people ask me “What do you do when it didn't work?” I say, “Pff! Who says it didn't work? I'm not done!!”  I know all I have to do is get aligned and everything I've ever wanted is on its way - because my work of wanting it was never lost.  Everything I created (vibrationally) is there just waiting for me to open the door by finding a way to feel better.

If I didn't win at the casino, it just means Universe is saving my winnings for another opportunity.  The opportunity where I get to feeling better!

I will add, too, that J.B. didn't “need” the money, and I think that's a big reason why he was able to let it in.

Lots of people wanting to manifest money are doing it out of Need or Desperation, and that closes the door on the very thing you (think you) want. 

So when people ask me how he managed to manifest a half million, my short answer is, “He didn't need it.”


J.B. says he realized in retrospect that he was trying too hard to control the outcome, reflecting his mistaken belief that he had to do a lot of work to help Universe manifest the desire.  It was only when he briefly "surrendered" the reins that his luck improved.  His lesson: once you put the intention out there, let go and trust Universe to do the work.

The loss at the casino felt like failure ...

The letter he got from the IRS felt like failure ...

A lot of people would have given up there.

He didn't.

He got to a better feeling thought.

Then $506k followed.

This is our reminder not to give up on what we want, but to keep doing what we know works. 

Find the better feeling thoughts.

Commit to feeling better.

Trust the Universe to work its magic.

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Most Helpful Customer Comments
0 of 0 people found the following comment helpful:
Releasing Need, October 13, 2010
By Jeannette - See all my comments    
Without even my circumstances changing, I can find a different way to feel about them. The classic example: Abraham shares about the woman who could have hip pain and be discouraged or have hip pain and be hopeful. Things don't have to change before we feel better.

There are a variety of ways to practice this when it comes to finances, which we'll explore in depth in future Money Party calls. But in the meantime, if I don't have enough money to cover the bills, rather than looking at the ones that aren't paid - I feel gratitude for the ones that ARE paid. For the ones that aren't paid, instead of being discouraged or fearful that they're not paid, I might practice looking forward to when they WILL be paid. (Even if it's through a bankruptcy settlement.) I might call my creditors and let them know I have every intention of paying as soon as I'm able. I also might practice getting okay with the idea of never paying them (just to help take some resistance off). As long as that's an option I'm not okay with, that resistance attracts that outcome.

More on this topic of releasing need in upcoming Money Party calls, for sure!!
1 of 1 people found the following comment helpful:
A question about need, October 12, 2010
By jusducky - See all my comments    
I love this story. It raises a question. I agree that when you need something, you can't let it in. So what do you do when you do need it?

When you don't have enough money to cover the monthly bills, you technically need money unless you're okay with the idea of foreclosure and being in arrears. How do you get in alignment with abundance in that circumstance?
0 of 0 people found the following comment helpful:
Fabulous! (And I'm not done yet either!!!!), September 11, 2010
By Barbara - See all my comments    
I love it! And I really like the "I'm not done yet!" Going to remind myself of that next time I start to paddle I can pivot around and let go of those oars and ENJOY the ride! Whee!!!
0 of 0 people found the following comment helpful:
Galaxy Quest, September 7, 2010
By Annette - See all my comments    
I really like this story - it shows a real situation from a real person with a real response!
And Jeannette's question about who said it didn't work sure makes me think of that line in the movie, Galaxy Quest: Never surrender, never give up.
Of course, you have to CHOOSE what not to surrender - -like the belief that the big U is for You!
1 of 1 people found the following comment helpful:
Thank you, JB - WHEREVER you are!, September 7, 2010
By BrendaLea - See all my comments    
JB, man, oh man - your story is JUST what I needed to hear. I say, whatever makes you comfortable, and if you want to stay on the DL, you do what you need to do. Now that I've read your story, I feel your presence, my friend.

I'm kinda thinkin' that Universe may have arranged that audit (tongue in cheek) OR/AND inspired the financial advisor (who'd made mistakes in the past), making him a little more 'astute' on that particular day. WHATEVER - go UNIVERSE!

And, thank you GVU members. You ALL inspire me daily. And, Zoe, I just LOVE your motto and think I'll adopt it:
"Universe - go on, surprise me! How whacked out can you go to bring me all the goodies in my Vortex? I dare you to blow me away with the innovation! Go on - I dare ya!"

And Tia, your:
“Pff! Who says it didn't work? I'm not done!!” Perfect motto for frustration filled days!

Oh, Jeannette - thank you for sharing this story so brilliantly. For me, the timing was perrrrrfection! It's actually inspired me to get more creative in feeling the richness of my dream/vision.
0 of 0 people found the following comment helpful:
Thanks Tia for adding to the awesomeness!, September 6, 2010
By Zoe - See all my comments    
I love this story- and I love Tia's response - 'not working? Pff! I'm not done yet!'

Love it!

Plus I love how money doesn't need to come through business or any other channel.

I love this new motto: "Universe - go on, surprise me! How whacked out can you go to bring me all the goodies in my Vortex? I dare you to blow me away with the innovation! Go on - I dare ya!"
0 of 0 people found the following comment helpful:
J.B. is on the DL at GVU forums, September 6, 2010
By Jeannette - See all my comments    
Parul, I haven't seen J.B. post even once on GVU forums, so that's why it took a while for the story to get there. (He's a one on one client, so that's how I heard about this experience.)

I was initially thinking he'd tell it to us himself in his own words. He did read my (shorter) version and offered a couple of insights as to what he was thinking/feeling, though. So it kind of is in his words already. :)
0 of 0 people found the following comment helpful:
FINALLY!, September 6, 2010
By parulb74 - See all my comments    
Please thank J.B. for sharing this story!! I've been waiting for the juicy details!! It's just too cool!! :)

P.S. Is J.B. on GVU Forums?
1 of 1 people found the following comment helpful:
Wowza!, September 6, 2010
By Tia - See all my comments    
""It's never done; it's never over; it's never lost.

When people ask me “What do you do when it didn't work?” I say, “Pff! Who says it didn't work? I'm not done!!” I know all I have to do is get aligned and everything I've ever wanted is on its way - because my work of wanting it was never lost. Everything I created (vibrationally) is there just waiting for me to open the door by finding a way to feel better."""

This is awesome! Awesome awesome awesome!!

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