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About GVU

What is Good Vibe University?

Good Vibe U is a virtual gathering to master the art of manifesting and invoke our powers to create reality. 

GVU grew from these desires: 

1.  Enhance our manifesting skills: in a group environment we are more effective than any individual guru or expert. 

2.  Upgrade our circle: hanging out with like-minded creators is not only fun but also powerful.

3.  Share our gifts with others: members are invited to bring their personal expertises to the party.

Like other universities, Good Vibe U is designed to offer a basic education about our deliberate creative powers, in addition to in-depth explorations of advanced concepts to enhance our manifesting skills.

Also like other universities, Good Vibe U offers the benefit of camaraderie that comes from hanging out with like-minded folks. It just plain feels good to be with those who are up to the same stuff!  Also like other universities, Good Vibe U promotes the work of other professionals specializing in conscious creation, offering a spotlight to those who are producing material and sharing concepts that further our creative know-how.

Unlike other universities, Good Vibe U is extremely affordable. With tuition set at less than a dollar a day, attendance is an easy choice to make.  

Also unlike other universities, there's no delineation between students and faculty. We recognize everyone has something of value to offer another, even if it's just a story of what didn't work for them, or a virtual pat on the shoulder to someone who is struggling.

We also recognize that leaders of this material are continually learning -- most often from those who are asking the questions. Some of the material offered within GVU is accessible to everyone; some areas are reserved for enrolled members. Feel free to browse the public material and when you find an area you'd like access to, consider trying out the $1 three week trial. For more intimate support, check out the Masters of Creation Circle with Jeannette.

Learn more about GVU here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is GVU? 

Good Vibe University (GVU) is an online community of deliberate creators, gathered together to amp up our manifesting skills. It offers free law of attraction (LOA) resources like weekly live calls, vibe-lifting videos and manifesting tutorials, as well as a paid membership for access to call archives, download libraries, complimentary coaching, and more.  

Where do I start?!

Start by letting your inner wisdom (aka intuition) guide you through the site. It would be overwhelming to expect yourself to read every article and listen to every call. Our suggestion is do not attempt this!  (That would be like signing up for every course at the local university!)

Instead, go where you feel led, play around, ask around, trust yourself to find what serves you best in this moment. Relax and have fun with the abundance of content and learning/engaging opportunities.

There's a How-To video series here, where you can get detailed info on how to set your profile, username,post in the forums, etc.

How can I get personal help with my manifesting challenge?

Multiple options for personal support: 1) post a new topic in the forums; 2) email one of the Complimentary Coaches to set up a session; 3) join a live call; 4) email Jeannette privately with your question.

How do I change my membership from monthly to yearly?

Click the subscription page here, put in your current username, password and email, and click the annual option, then be sure to answer YES to the "Is this a renewal?" question near the bottom of the form.

If you're looking to upgrade your membership to join the Masters of Creation, follow the same instructions except click the option for Masters of Creation membership.  Or just click here.

How do I cancel my membership?

Click on "Your Account" in the Resources section, then choose "to cancel your subscription."

How do I change my credit card or payment method?

Click on "Your Account" in the Resources section, then choose "change your account details."

How do I suggest new content, calls, faculty or courses?

We'd love to hear your suggestions for new content!  Please drop a note to Jeannette at jmaw@goodvibecoach.com.

How do I become a faculty member, or offer my own call or article?

If you're interested in leading a call or call series, or contributing an article to the library of content, email Jeannette at jmaw@goodvibecoach.com to suggest your topic and time frame.