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What is GVU?

What is Good Vibe University?

Good Vibe U is a virtual gathering to master the art of manifesting, and invoke our powers to create reality.  GVU grew from these desires: 


1.  To share, leverage and expand our experience and expertise.  As a group we are a force to be reckoned with - more vital and effective than any individual guru or expert.  Together we are more supported, more knowledgeable, and more powerful!  Tapping into this group synergy is like nothing else.


2.  It's common wisdom in the personal development field that we are who we hang out with.  By mixing with fellow creators, we enhance our manifesting habits.


3.  To have a strong impact in leading and inspiring deliberate creators to embrace their powers to manifest reality.  


4.  To make law of attraction coaching and resources more affordable and more accessible for everyone who wants it.


Like other universities, Good Vibe U is designed to offer a basic education about our deliberate creative powers, in addition to in-depth explorations of advanced concepts to enhance our manifesting skills.


Also like other universities, Good Vibe U offers the benefit of camaraderie that comes from hanging out with like-minded folks. It just plain feels good to get in the presence of others who are up to the same stuff! 


Also like other universities, Good Vibe U promotes the work of other professionals specializing in conscious creation, offering a spotlight to those who are producing material and sharing concepts that further our creative know-how.


Unlike other universities, Good Vibe U is extremely affordable. With tuition set at less than a dollar a day, attendance is an easy choice to make.  


Also unlike other universities, there's no delineation between students and faculty. We recognize everyone has something of value to offer another, even if it's just a story of what didn't work for them, or a virtual pat on the shoulder to someone who is struggling.


We also recognize that leaders of this material are continually learning -- most often from those who are asking the questions.


Some of the material offered within GVU is accessible to everyone; some areas are reserved for enrolled members.  Feel free to browse the public material and when you find an area you'd like access to, consider trying out the $1 two week trial offer.


If you're interested in joining the Masters of Creation Circle for more intimate support in growing your deliberate creation skills, learn more about that offering here.


Whatever role you choose to play and for however long, your involvement is much appreciated and celebrated! Join the party!