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Now that you're through the basics and have some good manifesting skills under your belt, let's explore even more aspects of creation and attraction!

Manifesting Change by Changing Your Space
When your home has areas that aren't working (everyone has them they're your clutter zones or 'touchy areas' or the spaces that cause you the most stress or discomfort or embarrassment), I guarantee you that you have corresponding areas in your life that aren't working so well, either. image1| keep reading

Setting an Intention (aka Spell Weaving) Setting an Intention (aka Spell Weaving)
Kim Falconer (& Jeannette)
Someone asked about my intention setting method for my products and I said Kim Falconer is the one we really want to hear from on that! Kim was kind enough to oblige (& to answer follow up questions about where to find Rosette in the U.S.) keep reading

When Your Vortex Time Isn't Paying Off When Your Vortex Time Isn't Paying Off
Have you ever felt like you're putting in your vortex time, doing what feels good, forgetting about your problems, and yet ... nothing's getting any better? The money still isn't flowing, the job offers aren't appearing, and the lovers aren't calling? If so, you would not be alone. Let's review the situation. keep reading

Sacred Activism by Williams/Harvey Sacred Activism by Williams/Harvey
In an article on rescuing wild horses, Marta Williams shares Andrew Harvey's message from "The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism" for incorporating spirituality into activism. For those who feel overwhelmed or helpless in creating big change, this could help keep reading

The Observer Effect The Observer Effect
Words won't do this video justice. You have to watch: (Thanks to Parul for sharing it!) keep reading

"Freaky Mind Control" with Martha Beck "Freaky Mind Control" with Martha Beck
This place of peace (that allows Martha to be stronger than her "opponent") is also where our manifesting is more effective, too: keep reading

Law of Attraction and Natural Disasters Law of Attraction and Natural Disasters
Great summary from Abraham on how to understand the role of natural disasters and mass tragedies, trauma and catastrophies: What you consider to be death isn't accurate; you've got to wrap your minds another way of thinking about "life" and "death." keep reading

Ask a Ninja about Time Ask a Ninja about Time
"Ask a Ninja" is not just entertaining, but surprisingly insightful: the illusion of time and how to move beyond it. (Ninja style.) Hint: "It's all made up." keep reading

Creating Your Vision Creating Your Vision
Steve Pavlina recently shared his ideas on how to create your vision on his Personal Development Blog. Here are some of the summarized highlights: What do you do when you come up blank keep reading

Why Bad Things Happen to Innocent People Why Bad Things Happen to Innocent People
Mike Dooley
Typical questions from those new to LOA involve wondering why things like 9/11, the holocaust, tsunamis and Haiti and Chile earthquakes happen. Here's Mike Dooley's take on this tough question keep reading

Astro Money Mojo Astro Money Mojo
Kim Falconer
Kim Falconer has created a fascinating treaty on revealing insights about your money vibe through your astrology. Pick up the full 35 page report here or visit the Download Library (find it under Tips). Here's a quick taste of one section: limiting beliefs via your sun (or rising) sign keep reading

What's a Default Vibration? What's a Default Vibration?
Pernille Madsen
A default vibration is the vibration that we've experienced for a certain period of time in a certain area of our life. We could compare a default vibration to a belief. A belief is simply a thought we keep thinking over and over keep reading

What does belief have to do with it? What does belief have to do with it?
The two key components to successful manifesting are Desire and Belief. When you combine strong desire with strong belief, you are unstoppable! Desire itself comes pretty natural to us. But belief is often another story. Most of us are programmed to believe that getting what we want is a keep reading

How to identify limiting beliefs? How to identify limiting beliefs?
Once you realize that your beliefs dictate what can manifest in your life, you'll want to learn how to identify those that are limiting your success. Pay attention to your thoughts, conversations and actions! keep reading

How do I shift my beliefs? How do I shift my beliefs?
Once you recognize beliefs you hold that aren't aligned to your desire, your next step is to drop them while adopting new beliefs that are in alignment to your desire. Changing your belief is simply a matter of changing your thoughts. Because that's all a belief is: a thought keep reading

Can I manifest for someone else? Can I manifest for someone else?
Very often the things we want most are for those we love. We want our children to thrive, we want our parents to be healthy, we want our friends to be happy. Is it possible to use law of attraction to create something keep reading

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