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Release Techniques

Release techniques are designed to help you drop the thoughts and shift the feelings that block you from vibrational alignment - basically, to release your resistance. 

The methods listed below are not the only ways to do so, but they've proven very helpful to other creators in achieving an allowing state.

Faster EFT Faster EFT
Robert Smith
Robert makes an excellent case for using EFT in this faster way for releasing challenging feelings. If you haven't enjoyed traditional EFT, this version may change your mind. And if you are a fan of regular EFT, you may be curious about this shorter version that promises just as much relief keep reading

One Moment Meditation One Moment Meditation
Thanks to Flavia for finding this enjoyable animated meditation tutorial. Start with one minute ("a minute is like a moment with handles on it") and grow from there (but don't be macho about your minute meditation)! keep reading

Mini-Retreat for Love Mini-Retreat for Love
Tara Springett offers this three minute love meditation for a little retreat in the middle of your day. Just click on the link and follow the instructions to "find the key to happiness" and enhance your bliss keep reading

Trauma Release Exercises Trauma Release Exercises
Trauma release exercises (TRE) can help deliberate creators release what's not serving them to get back to a good vibe. TRE is a simple technique that uses exercises to release stress or tension from the body that accumulate from every day circumstances of life, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences keep reading

Byron Katie: Turn It Around Byron Katie: Turn It Around
Thanks to Nancy for this Byron Katie video that is taken from workshops. Well worth watching! keep reading

Dr. Len Shares Ho'oponopono Dr. Len Shares Ho'oponopono
Thanks, Nancy, for sharing this nine part video series featuring Dr. Len on Ho'oponopono. Insights include that this cleaning is done for oneself, not to heal anyone or anything else. That it's better to start cleaning for menopause before you're in it. (ha) And that the most important question to ask is "Who am I?" keep reading

Ho'oponopono Video Training Ho'oponopono Video Training
Thanks to Barbara for sharing this intro clip to ho'oponopono with Dr. Len. He shares Dr. Len shares that he's here to help you get clear. Which means getting clear of information. At neutral, at zero, with no information flowing, that's where you're clear and when perfect keep reading

Sound Healing with Mark Romero Sound Healing with Mark Romero
Mark Romero shares how his journey has unfolded and the purpose of his work. Experience instant transformation as Mark performs specific musical mantras to help you open to your divine potential and accelerate your forward movement toward your dreams and goals keep reading

The One Command with Diana Meadows The One Command with Diana Meadows
Here's what Diana Meadows said about The One Command: I tend to think of The One Command as a process of letting go of the "how-to's." Do you ever hear a voice in your head saying, "I don't know how this or that is going to happen"? . . . keep reading

Focus Wheels with Nathaniel Montgomery Focus Wheels with Nathaniel Montgomery
One of our members asked for a call with a focus wheel expert, and Nathaniel has generously answered that call! Learn the ins and outs of focus wheels (one of Abraham's favorite exercises for alignment). keep reading

The Body & Emotion with Auretha Callison The Body & Emotion with Auretha Callison
Auretha Callison discusses feelings getting stuck in the body; where they reside; why we want to release them; and specific practices for how how to do it. If you've got pent up feelings keeping you from vibrational alignment, this might be your ticket! keep reading

Hissy Fits & Tantrums - LoA Style! Hissy Fits & Tantrums - LoA Style!
Harmony Harrison leads this highly interactive call with Jeannette, Lin, Lisa, Susan & Sonia on Hissy Fits and Tantrums LoA style. Anger is very familiar to us, but it's not always a comfortable emotion. Can you use it to your benefit? Yes, you can! keep reading

Eliminating Upper Limits Eliminating Upper Limits
Zoe Routh
Ever get close to your goal, and then find yourself four steps behind? Like you just about reach your financial target and then the car needs fixing. Or you meet the nicest guy and it turns out he's got another girl. The problem isn't outside of you. It's called an Upper Limit Problem keep reading

Psych-K with Rob Williams Psych-K with Rob Williams
Parul alerted us to this video by Rob Williams demonstrating Psych-K to rewrite beliefs. Less than ten minutes long and very cool to watch! keep reading

Non-Personal Awareness with Joel Young & Maria Non-Personal Awareness with Joel Young & Maria
Our very own Maria Lesetz interviews Joel Young, founder of Non-Personal Awareness, about how his process can support our deliberate creation efforts. Be sure to listen to the Divine Wind story that Joel starts roughly 15 minutes in to the call! keep reading

Carol Look on EFT & LOA Carol Look on EFT & LOA
Ever wondered whether or how EFT (aka "tapping") can support your manifesting success? Carol Look offers a definitive and highly inspiring answer on this call! Well-versed as a student of Abraham and Law of Attraction, as an internationally recognized authority on EFT, Carol is particularly well-suited to address this topic. keep reading

The F**k It Way The F**k It Way
John Parkin has a unique method for releasing resistance and finding peace: he calls it "spiritual swearing." Even when things are pretty shitty, we say "f**k it" and relax. It's a way to find peace with whatever's happening in a crappy world. keep reading

Love Your Body: Tapping with Brad Yates Love Your Body: Tapping with Brad Yates
Auretha shares this video from Brad Yates teaching a tapping technique for enhancing body love. She astutely shares: "I hope this video will benefit a lot of folks struggling with a number of body image issues. Please don't wait for your bathroom scale to tell you when it is okay to feel good about yourself - start doing so now." keep reading

Intro to The Work with LOA Intro to The Work with LOA
A member of our community introduces Byron Katie's Work and how it can facilitate more successful manifesting. keep reading

Resisting Self-Love? Resisting Self-Love?
How to Manage Self-Sabotage
Yesterday's piece on DailyOm.com said we often don't do what we know is good for us (take our vitamins, do our yoga, end draining friendships), and that such situations call for awareness, love and introspection keep reading

Intentional Resting with Dan Howard Intentional Resting with Dan Howard
This call could change your life! Resting Coach Dan Howard introduces his Intentional Resting method for achieving greater alignment by reducing resistance and allowing for better manifesting results. keep reading

So What?! So What?!
Jeanna Gabellini
Is business down? Are you fighting with a family member? Wondering how you'll keep your house? Does your body keep going through one health issue after another? What if you just said, "So WHAT?!" to the whole darn thing? keep reading

Letting Go Without Giving Up Letting Go Without Giving Up
Robert Higginson
What to do when you want something really bad? It's good to want things, but if you want it so bad you can't live without it, that's a problem. The trick is to be clearly focused on your desire while letting go of attachment. No one did this better than Elizabeth Smart's mother. keep reading

Intentional Resting Intentional Resting
Dan Howard gives a quick summary of Intentional Resting, a unique process that assists in allowing more peace and presence in life. Which becomes a powerful prep for effective manifesting keep reading

Meet Your Body Compass Meet Your Body Compass
Martha Beck teaches an excellent Body Compass tool for helping you know your best path and choices in life, when it doesn't always seem clear to your logical mind. You can use your Body Compass to move towards keep reading

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