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Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits at GVU

Some of our personal favorites from the call archives and forum threads:


Popular Archived Calls

Acting Skills with Jacqui Gates

Andy Dooley's Vibration Activation

Effortless Manifesting with Abigail Steidley

Jeanna Gabellini's Real Recipe for Success

M Theory with Lisa Hayes

Remembering the Future with Janette Dalgliesh

Identity Shifting with Jeannette Maw

What Your Voice Reveals about Your Vibe with Cate Frazier-Neely

Retrograde Stars with Kim Falconer

Passion 101 with Bev Barnes

Intentional Resting with Dan Howard

Mark Romero's Sound Healing

Power of Deciding with Laura Gevanter

Carmela Ramaglia's LOA Weight Loss

Manifesting Myths with Jeannette Maw

Diana Meadows on the One Command

Business Plans with Jeannette Maw

Hissy Fits & Tantrums with Harmony & friends

Success Story by Angela Lauria

Top 3 Kinky Vibe Causes & Remedies with Jeannette Maw


Call Series 

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Marriage in the Vortex with Lisa Hayes

Boost Your Money Vibe series with Pernille Madsen

Align with the Stars series with Kim Falconer

Dating in the Vortex with Lisa Hayes

Success Stories with various GVU members

Shamanic Journeying with Harmony Harrison

Advanced Client Attraction with Jeannette Maw

Connecting with Your Why with Lisa Alessi

Role of the Body in Manifesting with Abigail Steidley

Relationship Myths Debunked with Lisa Hayes

Moneyfesting with Jeannette Maw


Forum Threads

My Alignment Practice 

From Buttons to Castles

Quantum Entrainment

Help (Franck on hitting a manifesting wall) 

Specific vs General Manifesting

Vibe Lifting Videos: Tia's  and Annette's 

Happiest Moments

Activation Vibration

Turn My Ship Around

Numerology Assessment

Money Clearing with Access Consciousness

Harrison Klein Interview discussion