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The Creators Studio with Laura English 

These interviews with GVU members are designed not just to help us get to know each other better, but also to mine each other's experiences for insights and lessons about the art of deliberate creation.

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Creator Studio: Sara Garcia Creator Studio: Sara Garcia
Sara Garcia - Selling Her House, Slacker Style Sara shares the story of the quick sale of her house for more than asking! Her only job to getting this outcome was to do what felt good. keep reading

Creator Studio: Jeannette Maw Creator Studio: Jeannette Maw
In her usual warm style, Laura English interviews Jeannette - asking the questions we're all wanting to know the answers to! A very insightful and energetic call ensued . . . . keep reading

Creator Studio: Laura English:  An Effortless Move Creator Studio: Laura English:  An Effortless Move
Laura delineates her significant manifesting of an effortless move across country that involved getting a new job, selling a house, and buying a house in the matter of 4 months. keep reading

Creator Studio:Annette Pedersen - Manifesting the Big Cats Creator Studio:Annette Pedersen - Manifesting the Big Cats
Annette shares her 2+ year journey of taking risks and manifesting her dreams of working with Big Cats. keep reading

Creator Studio: Lisa Mayers Creator Studio: Lisa Mayers
Lisa Mayers: Deliberate Sensuality Even Through Contrast Lisa, known as the Sensuality Coach, discusses the elements of Deliberate Sensuality™ and how it creates a happy life. keep reading

Creator Studio: Leigha Pitcher Creator Studio: Leigha Pitcher
Aligned Weight Loss Coach Leigha Pitcher describes her experiences with deliberate creation especially related to manifesting careers of her dreams keep reading

Creators Studio: Peter Hoatson Creators Studio: Peter Hoatson
Laura English
Peter, known as Petecito at GVU, describes his journey in the past year moving from the traditional job search techniques, to a deliberate and inspired process which landed him a more than ideal work experience. keep reading

Creators Studio: Barbara Clark Creators Studio: Barbara Clark
Laura English
Barbara Clark -- Finding Her Way Through Contrast In this call Barbara, known as the Spirited Strider, at GVU describes her journey through the contrast of divorce, non-custodial motherhood and parental health issues keep reading

Creators Studio: Affirming Spirit Creators Studio: Affirming Spirit
Deliberate Creation Through Affirmations Nancy describes her journey with Law of Attraction and attributes her successful life experiences to the use of affirmations. Specifically she describes how affirmations created a successful delivery experience for her son. keep reading

Creators Studio: Kimberly Gauthier Creators Studio: Kimberly Gauthier
Kimberly Gauthier: Creating the career of her childhood dreams In this call Kimberly describes how she has practiced deliberate creation all of her life and for the past 7 years she has been delving deeper into being a deliberate creator. We also discussed how actively pursuing deliberate creation has changed relationships in her life. keep reading

Creators Studio: Sarah Seidelmann Creators Studio: Sarah Seidelmann
Sarah shares how she realized that having "everything she thought would make her happy" on the outside wasn't all it was 'cracked up to be' on the inside. She describes the process of her deliberate decisions to reframe what happiness looks like for her. . . keep reading

Creators Studio: Laura Gevanter Creators Studio: Laura Gevanter
Laura Gevanter - Experimenting with Alignment In this call Laura Gevanter describes her 30 day experiment of immersing herself in daily actions that would align herself vibrationally with the vision she has for her business. After getting clear on her vision and set up tangible goals for the month, she hired a coach. keep reading

Creators Studio: Jody Low-A-Chee Creators Studio: Jody Low-A-Chee
Jody describes her life-long ability to manifest through the clear and succinct belief of "It'll all work out because it always does." Then as an adult after a difficult contrast of ill health, she found the great thought leaders of law of attraction keep reading

Creators Studio: Lisa Alessi Creators Studio: Lisa Alessi
Lisa Alessi: Her WHY work and LoA Lisa spends time discussing her adventures with her "Why" work and how finding this concept had launched her business and related manifesting to a different plane. In this call she delves deeper into how finding Your Why is a manifesting elixir. keep reading

Creators Studio: Ming Creators Studio: Ming
Ming: Values based Manifesting. Ming describes how she has discovered the path to manifesting her desires by focusing on her most important value: peace. Since this discovery she has had one of her best vacations, manifested money to start a bed and breakfast and . . . keep reading

Creators Studio: Stephen Taylor Creators Studio: Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor: Manifesting a New Job with Ease Stephen shares his most recent success at manifesting a new job. His relaxed approach and focus on staying positive helped him get a new job with more money in a town he desired. He also shared how every "problem" along the way was solved with ease . . . keep reading

Creators Studio: Janette Dalgliesh Creators Studio: Janette Dalgliesh
Janette Dalgliesh: Blessings in Loss Janette shares a very personal story about the loss of both her father and her identity. Her storytelling is so graceful and powerful. She illustrates beautifully how even the most undesirable events in life can keep reading

Creators Studio: Auretha Callison Creators Studio: Auretha Callison
In this interview with the "Fun Fashion Fairy", Auretha spins a lovely story of how her parents, childhood experiences and desires for more meaning in her life lead to manifesting her calling as an intuitive stylist and image consultant. Her gifts of intuition and ministry have helped her create a one-of-a kind transformative keep reading

Creators Studio: Mitch Fowers Creators Studio: Mitch Fowers
Mitch Fowers: Learning to Focus on Being Happy Now. Mitch describes his first exposures to LOA and how he learned specific lessons along the way. He discusses his change of attention from the outcome (attaining his Big Three) to tending to his happiness right now. keep reading

Creators Studio: Amanda Poe Creators Studio: Amanda Poe
Amanda Poe - Scripting for a better job Amanda shares her success with morning meditations and affirmations which lead to a successful job change in exactly the timeframe she articulated. She also discusses her use of Pray Rain Journaling . . . keep reading

Creators Studio: Jeannette Maw Creators Studio: Jeannette Maw
Laura invites Jeannette to share things we don't know about her and her LOA practice on this casual and rather personal half hour interview. What's her favorite manifesting success? Has she ever had a "crisis of LOA faith"? What's in her vortex? Sit back and enjoy a chat between Laura and Jeannette |image1| keep reading

Creators Studio: Laura English Creators Studio: Laura English
Laura English: Manifesting the Seemingly Impossible The tables were turned and Elisabeth Rossman witnessed Laura's story about her journey toward getting what she wanted in terms of a new school for her kids. keep reading

Creators Studio Christine Jenkins Creators Studio Christine Jenkins
Christine Jenkins: Great People at the Right Time Christine Jenkins calls in from Ireland to 'riff' on her experiences related to her vibrational approach to life. She specifically describes the truly inspiring people who have come to her at just when she needed them. keep reading

Creators Studio Susan Cohen Creators Studio Susan Cohen
Susan Cohen: Choosing happiness leads to abundance Susan Cohen describes how setting the intention to choose happiness led to a rewarding and abundant life. She shares how this choice helped her manifest a series of experiences that led her to become a life coach and faculty member at GVU. keep reading

Creators Studio Carolyn Arnold: Found LOA through Childbirth Creators Studio Carolyn Arnold: Found LOA through Childbirth
Carolyn Arnold: Found LOA through Childbirth Carolyn Arnold (calling in from Wales) shares how she discovered LOA through her experience with hypnotherapy during childbirth. From that experience, she found her calling as a hypnotherapist herself (while continuing her finance job -- talk about yin and yang). keep reading

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