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Looking for the freebies here at GVU?  You'll find all sorts of good stuff:

The calls!!  All calls are free for anyone to join, and we have several every week.  Check the calendar for what's coming next.

LOA Basics - this department is to help new creators get their toes wet with all this manifesting stuff.

Vibe Lifters - an extensive collection of videos and (some) articles to help manifesters feel good.

Featured Resources - a fun LOA friendly list of sites and services to help deliberate creators align their vibe.

Good Vibe newsletter archives - a library of Good Vibe Coach's newsletters (going back seven years!)

Treasure Hunt - members share their manifesting successes in the forum to play for a $25 gift card, but non-members can play along by checking the latest monthly treasure hunt list here.

Ask Joshua - Gary Bodley channels Joshua to answer whatever manifesting question you might have.

Videos - LOA friendly video clips to inspire and enlighten fellow creators.

GVU on YouTube - Jeannette's teeny collection of LOA related video tips.


Worth repeating: The Calls!!  Free to everyone and a virtually guaranteed good time.  Most calls offer online streaming options, so no long distance charges to you.