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Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the Good Vibe U Treasure Hunt - LOA style!

New Treasure Hunt List (November 2016):

  • passport
  • foreign language
  • interpreter in service
  • international aid
  • country border crossing
  • foreign flag 

    Congrats to Master Manifestors Brittany, Jamie, Guillaume, Heather and Meg who completed October's treasure hunt list! 

    We start a new treasure hunt each month and love to tally as many winners as we can all month long. (The first one wins a fun prize of their choosing.)  

    Using nothing but your powers of attraction, those who are playing will intend each of these items into your world some how, some way (not for you to figure out or make happen) via your mind power.

    Which means you just focus briefly on each item and then keep an easy eye out for it. (Read "Practice Projects" in the download library for a refresher if you like.)

    Keep a tally as each item reveals itself to you, cross it off your list and share in the Treasure Hunt forum if you want to be eligible for the winning prize.

    LOA treasure hunt means no direct action on your part. (As in don't google search images.)  We're letting Universe bring us what we focus on.  (Items can be manifested in any order.)

    Prize: Our top finisher wins bragging rights and title of Good Vibe U Master Manifester, along with an Amazon gift certificate or their choice of any Good Vibe Coach ebook, and everyone gets congratulations from the Good Vibe community for playing. Smile

    Have fun learning your best manifesting practices through this game!

    PS - non-GVU members can play along at home and post on the GVU facebook page with their results.


    Members access the Treasure Hunt forum here: