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Special Benefits for GVU Members

In keeping with the generosity of this amazing community, a handful of coaches offer limited complimentary sessions to Good Vibe U members.  (Woo hoo!)

These coaches are some of the best in the industry, so it is an especial honor to have them not just in the GVU community, but also offering their skills at no charge for those who would like to experience the benefit of a one on one coaching session.

Contact the coaches individually as indicated on their page to request your session.

Elaine Torrance-Gingrich:  The Goddess Mentor Elaine Torrance-Gingrich: The Goddess Mentor
Elaine Torrance-Gingrich, the Goddess of Laughter & Possibilities, is a Certified Life, Relationship, and Weight Loss Coach; Certified LOA Practitioner; and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Elaine's passion is to mentor Highly Sensitive women to Embrace their Goddess Energies . . . keep reading

Cindie Chavez Cindie Chavez
Cindie Chavez, the "Love & Magic Coach" is a Best Selling Author, Certified Life and Relationship coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and expert in Conflict Resolution, Communication, and Conscious Creation (aka Law of Attraction or LOA). keep reading

Ming Chee: Money Alchemist Ming Chee: Money Alchemist
Do you want to manifest money using what is available to us metaphysically? Ming is offering GVU members a complimentary 30 min session. If you are interested in Ming's offer . . . keep reading

Annette Pedersen Annette Pedersen
Annette helps you awaken your inner wisdom and energize your ability to think in innovative and out-of-the-box ways about your life, prosperity, and business through the living, loving field of creation found in Nature. keep reading

Suzanne Reilley: LOA Fitness/Body Coach Suzanne Reilley: LOA Fitness/Body Coach
Suzanne is here to tell you that your days of striving and struggling to lose weight are over. Fun, lightness and ease (and loose fitting pants) are finally here! keep reading

Nancy Barry-Jansson Nancy Barry-Jansson
Nancy is the founder of AffirmingSpirit.com and a student of spiritual pursuits for over 30 years. She is pleased to offer complimentary mentoring to GVU members to kickstart their success. keep reading

Susan Cohen Susan Cohen
Susan offers guidance, support and encouragement to free yourself from limiting beliefs. Using various approaches with a LOA focus, you will acquire or refine your ability to access joy and freedom every day. As a Level III Reiki Master, Susan channels the universal life force energy to you, the client to enhance and expand every session. keep reading