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Animals: Ming

Ming Chee has a doctorate in Pharmacy from University of Southern California and also is a Reiki Master. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, she always been a lover of animals. She grew up with cats and a rabbit as a child. She has a pembroke Corgi named Lucy. (Mochi, her 15 year old Maine Coon crossed over in December 2009 and her beloved yellow lab Sammy Diva transitioned in December 2013). Ming learned Reiki because Sammy Diva was diagnosed with canine hip dysplasia. Reiki cured her! A way to give back to the animals is truly a blessing.

There are no time nor space restrictions to distant Reiki. Healing can be sent to any place in the world. Reiki distant healing treatments as very effective and can be even preferable. Some animals may live too far away or fearful of strangers, elderly or close to death. But they absorb Reiki distantly. Distant treatments are cost effective for the working owner and quicker to schedule. Distant Reiki offers exactly the same benefits as hands on. Distant Reiki treatment can provide relief from surgery, emotional healing, behavioral issues and ease transition to death. After a distant treatment results can be seen soon.

Ming always teams up with Reiki Master Candy in every session so there is both healing and communication happening!

Reiki Fur Babies has clients all over the entire world: Canada, Australia, Wales, Finland, Luxembourg, England, Hong Kong, Dubai to name and all over the United States!

Feel free to email me at ming@reikifurbabies and don't forget to ask for the GVU discount!

website: www.reikifurbabies.com