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Frequently Asked Questions about Law of Attraction

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Who is "Abraham"?

Abraham is a non-physical entity channeled by Esther Hicks, whose material forms the current body of law of attraction work.  Abraham is also referred to as "Abe," and was included in the original version of The Secret, although edited out later due to contractual issues. 

What is “alignment”?

To be in alignment or to be in vibrational alignment means to be feeling now how you would feel when you get what you want.  It means to be flowing the vibration that matches your wish. You are in alignment when you feel faith, focus upon what you want, and think/speak about it in ways that make you feel good about it. You are not in alignment when you feel disappointed, angry or frustrated.

What is “allowing”?

Allowing means letting your wishes and dreams manifest in physical reality (come true) by being in vibrational alignment (focus positively and expect good outcomes). Allowing can be achieved by releasing any resistance (including doubt and fear), learning to relax, let go, loosen up, focus positively and expect good outcomes.

What is “contrast”?

Contrast is a term used in the Law of Attraction to describe “anything that doesn't feel good."  Experiencing contrast helps give birth to new desires and to help you realize what you do want instead.

What is "LOA"?

LOA is the acronym for Law of Attraction.  Working with the law of attraction is also known as manifesting, conscious creation, deliberate creation, and creating your own reality (sometimes represented with the acronym CYOR).  Learn more about LOA here.

What is “manifesting”?

Manifesting is the term used to describe the act of bringing your wishes and dreams to reality.

What is “scripting”?

Scripting is a manifesting method designed to create vibrational alignment by speaking about your desire as if had already come true.  Some law of attraction experts use the term scripting to refer to written, rather than spoken, words of alignment.

What is “vibe”?

Vibe is the short form (or slang term) for vibration.

What is “vibration”?

Simply put, your vibration is your thoughts and feelings. Or said in another way, your vibration is the energy you send out as a result of what you think, what you say to others, what you do and what you feel. According to the Law of Attraction your vibrations are always matched, so you get what you vibrate. 

What is "vibrational escrow?"

Vibrational escrow, aka vibrational reality, aka the vortex, is a term used by Abraham referring to the plane in which our desires exist before they manifest in our physical reality.

What is the "vortex"?

You may hear those who regularly follow Abraham material use the term "vortex," in reference to the vibrational reality that our new desires creates.  Learn more about the vortex in this article written by Kate Corbin.   

What is quantum jumping?

Quantum jumping is the work of Burt Goldman and is described as "an advanced visualization technique where you visualize yourself jumping into alternate universes, and communicating with alternate versions of yourself." Learn more about quantum jumping in the forums or at www.quantumjumping.com.

What is pure awareness?

Pure awareness is a term used in the forums describing the process of turning to the inner world by taking less thought and more insight to the Source; becoming attuned to the silence at your core. It leads to a realization that you are more than your body and your mind - you are one with everything that is and everything that isn't. Pure Awareness is said to be difficult to describe to someone who hasn't experienced it.

Learn more about pure awareness at http://pureawareness.info/

What is Inner Guidance?

Inner Guidance refers to the resource in the GVU forums where you can get a personal response to any question asked.  Inner guidance in general refers to the inner wisdom or personal knowing each of us has within.

What is inspired action?

Inspired action is taking action that feels good and is fueled by enthusiasm, passion or joy.

What are "I AM" statements?

I Am statements are declarations to higher power (Universe, the field, the matrix, etc.) of what you are creating with your divine power.  Each one begins with I AM and is completed in the present tense.  Learn more about creating and using I Am statements with Harrison Klein's work (in the forums) or at www.themastersgathering.com.