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"I Can Do Anything Good"

Little Jessica can teach us a thing or two about how to start the day off right!


Check out her daily affirmation routine:

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Love it!    
May 13, 2010
By Auretha - See all my comments    
OMGoodness! This is delightful! I want to share it!!!!!!!

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May 13, 2010
By Debra - See all my comments    
Holy Hannah I LOVE this!!! :)

The whole thing. The story. The story behind the story.

In the comments on YouTube it says that this video was made in 2001, and that though it sounds like Jessica starts out by saying, "Look! I'm gonna be a Sark!", she actually has no idea who Sark (the famous author is)...and in fact has no idea what she was referring to all those years ago.

Apparently Jessica, now 12 1/2 is surprised at her sudden YouTube fame. The video is quickly going viral over the last couple of weeks. According to Jessica's Dad, the video hung out around 1,000 views for a long, long while and has just now skyrocketed!

When the timing's right, it's right! You GO, Jessica!!